Developing Effective Leaders and Managers for Great Organisations through our Leadership Training

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What We Do

We specialise in training and coaching Director, Senior Leadership, and Senior Management teams over multiple full days, facilitating their self-development, team-building, and realisation of the business vision and potential

For Who

Our services cater to Company Directors, Senior Leadership Teams, Senior Managers, and Emerging Leaders with Ambition.

leadership training courses
leadership training courses

What's affecting the organisations growth?

Many organisations struggle to prepare leaders for the future, neglecting their mental and emotional well-being, crucial factors for organisational success

But we have found the solution for it!

Our proven, practical coaching and training programs equip essential leaders to thrive not just tomorrow, but for years to come


  • Unlocking energy

  • Fostering team thriving

  • Enabling smoother business progression

leadership training
leadership training


Numerous organisations face challenges in developing leaders who can inspire and lead teams effectively. Our multi-day coaching programs pave the way for high-performance, learning, and growth culture, fostering a sense of belonging for all


In 2020 when the world was isolated I developed globally over 100,000 leaders. An expert on training Ancient leadership principles in a modern context, I inspire Leadership that ignites transformation.

leadership training

Though Coaching & Mentoring your commitment for consistent growth leadership will show up in your results by having:

  • The ability to consistently discover your renewed empowerment.

  • The power to influence others

  • The motivation to grow and achieve greater goals,

  • The wisdom to share your leadership triumphs and create a movement that shifts lives!

leadership training courses

“When you only talk about it, it stays as a dream, but you can make it possible by planning for it you see the progress, it becomes exciting, and when you act and schedule it, it becomes reality!”


If not NOW, then WHEN?


— Pushpa Vaghela

Customer Reviews


Prue Saxby

“Pushpa’s Leadership Mastery mentoring course gave me the opportunity to delve inward.
It was an insightful experience which gave me clarity – an important ingredient to successfully lead my team of experienced consultants
and teach others.”


Dre McLaughlin

“Working with Pushpa and Leadership by Design has been nothing short of inspiring. She provides me with motivation when doubt starts to creep in and have helped me think outside the square when it comes to my ability to lead. They have taken me from dreamer to doer and are just simply amazing to work with.
I give them 10 out of 10!”


Jannah D

“After one session with Pushpa, I immediately felt at ease in the world. Pushpa’s ability to remind me who I am and help me focus on my core gifts, gave me the clarity I needed to push through my perceived barriers. Thank you Pushpa for dedicating yourself to your true calling.”


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